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            The Dale was a prototype vehicle designed in the USA in the 1970’s by Dale Clifft and was to be sold by Twentieth Century Motor Car Corp, California (USA).  A 1975 brochure for the vehicle claims that the Dale was powered by an 850cc air-cooled engine and was constructed of “rocket” structural resin that would withstand the heaviest blow from a sledgehammer

            The 2 seater body was also constructed from resin that was the same colour as the final paint work and so minor scratches would not be visible. In addition the vehicle is also said to contain no electrical wires with all components plugging directly into a printed circuit board.

            The project was marketed by Liz Carmichael ( who was said to be a six-foot 200-pound transsexual born Jerry Dean Michael) but no vehicles were ever believed to have been manufactured apart from three prototype vehicles and only one of those was able to run under its own power.   It is alleged that there were rumours of fraud and the authorities began to investigate. I’m told that at Carmichael's trial on charges of grand theft, fraud and securities violations, Dale Clifft said he still believed in Liz Carmichael. He claimed he stood to receive $3 million in royalties once the Dale went into production. In all, he received $1,001, plus a $2,000 check which bounced. Liz Carmichael was sent to prison.

            One of the Dales can be found at the Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles, USA.

            The Dale. (My thanks to Anthony Muto for allowing me to use this picture.)

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