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            3-wheelers.com e-interviews

            As part of 3-wheelers.com’s 10th birthday a number of people have agreed to take part in an exclusive e-interview answering 10 questions. To date, I am delighted to announce that the following people have agreed to be interviewed:  A new e-interview will go live each week from the web site’s 10th birthday in  June 2010.

            • Robert Q. Riley: One of the world's foremost pioneers on the design of low-energy demand passenger cars.
            • Dr. Tom Karen: Designer of the Raleigh Chopper, Bond Bug and Reliant Scimitar GTE.
            • Chris Barrie: Presenter of numerous Motor programs and of course Arnold  Rimmer in Red Dwarf.
            • Richard Smith:  Author of The Dale Automobile and close friend of Dale Cliff.
            • Ron Will: Worked for GM in the Corvette studio, designed the Subaru Outback and creator of the Turbo Phantom.
            • Dave Mounce:  Worked for Aerospace, Designer and creator of the Sceadu.
            • Peter Stanhope: His Grandfather founded the Stanhope Motor Industry in the 1920s.
            • Richard Oakes: Designer having worked for Aston Martin, Ford, JCB and creator of the Blackjack.
            • Jane Neil:  Great grand daughter of Edward Buter, the creator of the 1884 Buter Petrol Cycle.
            • Elvis Payne: Webmaster of www.3-wheelers.com (e-interview conducted by Cars in the Park)..
            • Elio Motors: Arak Leatham conducts an interview with Jerome Vassallo and Branden Carey about the Elio,(Oct 2013)


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