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            Last Updated 3rd  Oct  2019

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            Welcome to 3-wheelers.com, the online A-Z of 3-wheeled cars with over 2,100 pages

            “The World’s best three-wheeled website”

            “If theres 3-wheels on your wagon this site should be on your favourites bar.”

            Love them or loathe them the 3-wheeler, Cycle-car or even Tri-car, has had an important impact in the development of the present day motor car.  From the beginnings of the Industrial Revolution  to the Concept cars of the future, these vehicles can hold their headlamps up with pride. They were present at the birth of motoring and possibly may well be the the answer to the future with the constant depletion of the Earth’s energy resources.

            The aim of this web site is to build an online catalogue of all 3 wheeled vehicles manufactured from the invention of Cugnot’s first steam powered 3-wheeler in 1769 to present day. If you have a 3-wheeled vehicle that is not listed in any of these pages please let me know and I will add it. I hope that you enjoy your visit.

            Books by Elvis Payne

            The A-Z of Three Wheelers

            The A-Z of Three-Wheelers

            Foreword by Charles Morgan

            The Reliant Motor Company

            The Reliant Motor Company

            Foreword by HRH The Princess Royal

            Reliant Motor Club

            Founded in 2016 by Elvis Payne and Mark Cropper, the Reliant Motor Club is a new club for owners and enthusiast of Reliant vehicles. The club’s website to date contains well over 600 documents. Find out more at



            19 Years and still on-line

            The A-Z of 3-wheelers Tour

            Take a fascinating A-Z tour of over 370 3-wheelers from AC to Zundapp with vehicles from 1769 to present day. (Now updated)

            2019 sees the 19th year that this website has been running and as such a huge amount of data has been built up over the years as 3-wheelers, both websites and companies, come and go. Unfortunately due to writing books the website updates suffered from late 2015 - 2017 although the site is now back to being updated. Thank you all for your patience and constant visits to the site during this time.

            The A-Z of 3-wheelers Tour

            The A-Z of 3-wheelers list

            The A-Z of 3-wheelers list

            The A - Z listing of 3-wheelers detailed on this website currently displlayed as a list until a database can be recreated.

            Maintenance & Resources for 3 Wheelers

            Owning and maintaining your 3 wheeler is quite different than a standard automobile in some ways. Parts such as a correct windshield or original wheel can be difficult to locate even with the advent of the internet and social sharing sites. For this reason, I've listed some resources below for your consideration and further review.

             History of 3-wheelers

            Before there were 4-wheelers there were 3.  A brief time line of 3-wheelers from Leonardo da Vinci’s plans in 1478 to present day.

            1. www.tireindustry.org  - The Tire Industry Association.
            2. www.tirekingdom.com home - Tires & routine maintenance info.

            3-wheeler Trivia Facts

            What is the fastest 3-wheeler? What is the oldest, the smallest, the largest, the , the most expensive .... find out here the answer to these questions and more..

            3-wheeler trivia facts

            1. www.vintageglass.com - USA glass company specializing in classic car auto glass.
            2. www.suntecautoglass.com - Phoenix, AZ company that can source vintage windshields/glass.

            3-wheelers.com e-interviews

            As part of our 10th birthday,in 2010, 3-wheelers.com got in touch will a number of key people that it has met over the years to arrange a number of e-interviews.

            Robert. Q. Riley Dr. Tom Karen Chris Barrie Richard Smith Ron Will
            Dave Mounce Peter Stanhope Richard Oakes Jane Neil Elvis Payne

            1. www.eetc.org - Equipment and Engine Training Council.
            2. www.technician.academy - Engine technician school & resource.

            Interview with Elio Motors

            Interview with Elio Motors by Arak Leatham.

            Driving Penalties

            Know your limit: The science behind the drink-drive limit


            DNACOLLEC1 Fuldamobil S6
            Peel P50
            Bond Bug



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